Soothing Touch Massage
Time to rejuvenate


I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.  

Ashley 8-25-21

Amanda game me a massage this morning and it was incredible. I could literally feel her pushing out each knot and it was so satisfying! I told her problem places but after she started we realized my shoulders needed more work. That's a good therapist. She read where the stress really was. Thanks Amanda!!!

Aida 8-22-21

I got this groupon for my mom and she loved it! Definitely will go back again :)

Johanna 8-15-21

So worth the Groupon! Was looking for a new therapist; Amanda now has my business and referrals.

Imeri 8-15-21

Quite, preaceful location. Great Massage by a pleasant therapist. Perfect!